Elf Studio Line Brushes

If you read my previous post, you should have known how crazy am i for makeup brushes. I wanted to get more and keep trying new ones. A month ago, I bought 3 Elf brushes which are 2 Elf Studio Powder Brushes and Elf Professional Blending Brush.


Elf Studio Powder Brush

Elf Professional Blending Brush

I really love the Powder brush a lot. Even though the name of brush is powder brush but it is also good for blending liquid foundation and also good for mineral makeup user. I don't use mineral makeup myself but i can tell from applying powder using that brush, it is more even and smoother. Not to mention that it is super soft as silk. This is softest brush i ever touch. Before purchasing this brush, i heard a lot people keep on raving on it, and I can't resist to get 2 of it.

As for the blending brush, it is small and soft, it great to  blend out the harsh line of the eyeshadow. Since it is small, it can fit perfectly in the crease. 

Eyeshadows ~~

A few weeks ago, i bought myself 2 nice eyeshadow palettes that i really love. This will be it : 


The picture above showing one of it, but i will update as soon as i upload to my laptop the other colour. Well this eyeshadow is damn pigmented and i love the colours, all dark colours. Not mentioning the packaging of the palettes really incredibly cute haha. Let me show you the swatches of it

from the left : silver, greenish blue, dirty gold, dark copper, purple, black

Bottom line, this colours more to night wear rather than day cuz it is pretty dark unless you might need some time to blend it really well to pull out the look for the day. 

Ocean Blue

Blue never will be my favorite colour but i still love to stare and the blue ocean and blue sky. It is very calming to stare at it. Thats why it inspire me to do blue eyeshadow look. HOnestly i dont like to wear bright colour eyeshadow, i only use 3 colours normally which are brown, black and bronze which is something natural.  So this is the outcome of it :




I used 3 blue colours on this eyeshadow,

  1. silver blue which is in the inner corner of the eyes,
  2. medium blue in the crease and
  3. darkest blue in the outer corner of the eyes
  4. and black on the outer corner of the eyes to give some dramatic look

I also line the bottom line with silver blue and darkest blue to give more colour to the eyes so it don't look si dull. I also did a cat eye kinda look with the flick...Please ignore my eyebrow, i overplucked it lol...

p.s : since this is a very dramatic look, so i will never wear this makeup out or else people will think i am crazy...! 

Overall look with some syok sendiri pose...


Attachment Life

My attachment is super boring compared to others, they had the chance to do some paper works where else my job is to do research and that’s all. I wake up and 8.00 and go to work 8.30 then lunch time at 12.30 then back to work at 2pm and leave at 5.30. Basically i didn’t work at all cuz i all i do is spend time in the library reading books and cases sort of research for my master. 

The firm where i work is not that big nor small ( compared to other firm in tawau ). It consists of 4 lawyers, and one chambering student that happened to be my ex-schoolmate. She just grad from UK, since she took foundation for a year, so she graduate a year earlier than me. Luckily she is there to talk to me or else i gonna talk to myself. Everyone in the office all busy working, and sometimes even have no time to go out for lunch because need to rush the deadline. Everytime i came to the office, they still working, and when i leave they still working. They make me feel that they are working there 24/7. One of the friendly staff told me that’s what working life about, working non-stop.

I admit i kinda shy, so i dont really know how to social with people, so it makes me kinda lonely. But dont get me wrong, everyone in the office is very friendly and helpful, but its just i dont know what to do with myself in the office. So since all the room in the office is occupied so my master have to stationed me in the library. The library is the biggest room in the office and the air-cond always so cold. It just make me feel sleepy all the time, honestly i took nap a few times in the library.

I dont know what to write in the report, cuz i keep doing the same routine every day. *sigh*