Ocean Blue

Blue never will be my favorite colour but i still love to stare and the blue ocean and blue sky. It is very calming to stare at it. Thats why it inspire me to do blue eyeshadow look. HOnestly i dont like to wear bright colour eyeshadow, i only use 3 colours normally which are brown, black and bronze which is something natural.  So this is the outcome of it :




I used 3 blue colours on this eyeshadow,

  1. silver blue which is in the inner corner of the eyes,
  2. medium blue in the crease and
  3. darkest blue in the outer corner of the eyes
  4. and black on the outer corner of the eyes to give some dramatic look

I also line the bottom line with silver blue and darkest blue to give more colour to the eyes so it don't look si dull. I also did a cat eye kinda look with the flick...Please ignore my eyebrow, i overplucked it lol...

p.s : since this is a very dramatic look, so i will never wear this makeup out or else people will think i am crazy...! 

Overall look with some syok sendiri pose...



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i know you want drag queen makeup, just call me up, i can help makeup wakaka