Elf Studio Line Brushes

If you read my previous post, you should have known how crazy am i for makeup brushes. I wanted to get more and keep trying new ones. A month ago, I bought 3 Elf brushes which are 2 Elf Studio Powder Brushes and Elf Professional Blending Brush.


Elf Studio Powder Brush

Elf Professional Blending Brush

I really love the Powder brush a lot. Even though the name of brush is powder brush but it is also good for blending liquid foundation and also good for mineral makeup user. I don't use mineral makeup myself but i can tell from applying powder using that brush, it is more even and smoother. Not to mention that it is super soft as silk. This is softest brush i ever touch. Before purchasing this brush, i heard a lot people keep on raving on it, and I can't resist to get 2 of it.

As for the blending brush, it is small and soft, it great to  blend out the harsh line of the eyeshadow. Since it is small, it can fit perfectly in the crease. 


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